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45 Minute Waikoloa Kohala Coast
Vendor: Blue Hawaiian Helicopters
Category: Helicopter
Location: Hawaii-Hawaii (The Big Island)

Tour the Kohala coast, valleys and waterfalls. Many consider this area to have the most spectacular scenery on the Big Island. The towering sea cliffs open into the dramatically deep and meandering valleys of the Kohala Mountains. Beautiful waterfalls cascade thousands of feet into the rainforest below and remnants of ancient Hawaiian settlements are still visible.

Soar for about 40-45 minutes.

Tour routes and sights visited may vary according to wind and weather conditions.

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Upgrade seating w/purchase of reg price seating$100.00
Eco-Star Comfort Seat (in addition 260+ lbs)$162.99
Lapahoehoe Landing Fee Per Person$150.00

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